Uninstall iPhone apps to free up space

At the time, I was tempted to buy the cheapest iPhone 5s which meant that I now have a limited capacity and my iPhone free space is often close to nonexistent.

I will show you how to get rid of some of those unneeded apps and app data and free up much needed space on the iPhone

First, get rid of all rarely used iPhone apps – you do not need those, trust me

Besides, they are always available to you in several taps from the App Store. If you ever need an app in the future, just look it up and re-install it.

Navigate to the iPhone settings, then tap through “General > Usage”. You will find a list of all the apps installed on the iPhone. list of apps installed on iphone and how much space they take

The apps will be ordered according to the amount of space their app data takes up on the iPhone. Scroll down and tap “Show all Apps” display complete list of apps on iphone

Tap on each app you rarely use and then tap “Delete App”. If the app is a purchased one, like the one in my case, you can always download it at a later stage from the App Store via using your Apple ID without the need to re-purchase delete app from iphone

For certain apps containing documents, you can instead keep the app but delete the app files you no longer need. For example, in my Podcasts app, I have tons of already listened-to apps which I chose to delete from the phone memory. remove iphone app data without uninstalling app

Once you are done uninstalling the iPhone apps or removing app data, you will have much more free space to enjoy on your device, even if you went for the cheapest model with lowest capacity 🙂 .


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