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How to transfer books to iPad

I am not a great fan of thick books collecting dust off my living-room library shelves. This is where my iPad comes to the rescue. It allows me to store my favorite books in a digital form and to access them in their full glory any time, anywhere.

Today I’ll show you how to transfer books to iPad in no time.

Just what kind of eBooks does iPad support?

There are three types of digital book formats you can access on your iPad: ePub, PDF, and audio-books (in M4B format). This page demonstrates how to transfer ePub and PDF books to iPad. I will dedicate another article in the future talking about the transfer of audio-books to iPad. pdf and epub books on ipad

Apple features a free native book reader app for the iPad (iPhone and iPod Touch included) called iBooks. You can use iBooks to purchase books directly off the iTunes Store. However, there are a number of alternative book-reading apps designed for the iPad such as Nook, Kobo, and Goodreads. ibooks alternative reading apps on ipad

Kindle books on iPad

The Kindle eBook format is a closed-source format which is only supported by e-Readers produced by Amazon such as the Kindle Fire. You can, however, read Kindle books on the iPad too by downloading the Kindle book reader iOS app. amazon kindle ebook format
Note: In order to use Kindle for iOS, you must already have a free Amazon account. Kindle books are directly added to your iPad and there’s no need to manually transfer them. To add Kindle books to the iPad, you therefore need an active data or WiFi connection.

Once you download one of the book reader apps on your iPad, you can start adding books to your virtual iPad library straight away. If you have iBooks or the Kindle app, you can directly download or purchase books from the iTunes Books Store or Amazon.

How to transfer and read books on iPad

  1. If you are looking to transfer ePub of PDF books from your PC to the iPad, first make sure you download and install iTunes on the computer.

  2. Now run iTunes and navigate to the Books section of the library. There, you can directly drag and drop ePub and PDF books/documents from your computer itunes library book section

  3. Once you added all the books you want transferred to the iPad in your iTunes library, connect the iPad to the PC and enter into its Books section. Make sure that the “Sync Books” option is checked and select the books you wish to add to the iPad. Finally click on the “Apply” button sync books with ipad via itunes on pc

  4. This is how to transfer books and PDFs from PC to iPad.

Now you can create your digital library and access your books from the iPad at any time.


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