How to backup jailbreak Cydia apps and tweaks

Cydia features a huge amount of apps and tweaks. You already installed a couple of dozens of them after jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad but now there is an update to iOS 7 which you want to install. You need to go through restoring and re-jailbreaking your iOS device, so how to you exactly back up Cydia?

This quick guide shows how to backup Cydia apps and tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Backing-up will save you time and will spare you the chore of having to re-download your JB apps and hacks.

Use apps to backup Cydia

There are a number of apps (both paid and free) which allow you to keep a backup of your Jailbreak tweaks.

  1. OpenBackup is a free and easy to use JB-backup app. Download it in Cydia.

  2. Run the app on your iPhone or iPad and tap “Backup” to back up all Cydia tweaks at once. openbackup app on iphone screen

    You can alternatively go to the Advanced configuration and customize what Cydia tweaks exactly you wish to backup. The backup will be directly saves on your iPhone memory and in iCloud if you have it enabled

  3. It’s also worth saving a second copy of the backup, locally on your computer via using the iTunes sync option. This will give you peace of mind that your Jailbreak backup is safe

  4. When the time comes after updating and re-jailbreaking the iPhone, use OpenBackup’s “Restore” option to automatically re-instate your Cydia apps, hacks and tweaks. restore option in openbackup on iphone

In addition to OpenBackup, you can use PkgBackup which costs $8. PkgBackup offers more control than OpenBackup over what Jailbreak tweaks get backed up. You can for instance, schedule regular Cydia backups to your iCloud account. backup cydia apps and tweaks with pkgbackup on iPhone

Video: Backup Jailbroken iOS apps with PkgBackup

This is how to backup Cydia apps and tweaks on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.


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