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Transfer GTA progress from iPhone to another iOS device

Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to transfer your hard earned Grand Theft Auto game saves and progress from one iPhone to another iPad or iPhone? Sure it is!

The following guide shows how to back up and transfer step-by-step your GTA San Andreas or Vice City game progress from one iPhone to another iOS device

1. First download a PC program that helps you back up iPhone games along with their game progress. The program is a free Beta called CopyTrans Apps:

2. Start the program on your computer and connect the original iPhone. You will see your rows of iPhone apps appear on the computer screen

iphone games listed on computer windows

3. Select your GTA game from the list

gta san andreas on iphone selected in copytrans

4. Click “Backup App”

backup app button in copytrans

5. Save the iPhone game to the computer location of your choice

window to browse for pc location windows 7

6. For the backup process to begin, click “Ok”

do you want to backup 1 app prompt window

7. Grand Theft Auto for iPhone is a pretty big application. Be patient until the game fully backs up on the computer

gta san andreas ios app in the process of backing up

8. Once done, you will see the GTA IPA file at the location on your PC of your choice

gta game ipa file on pc

Transfer GTA and its game progress to another iPhone

1. Connect the other iPhone or iPad to your computer with CopyTrans Apps running in the background

secont iphone connected to copytrans apps

2. Click on the “Install App” button on top of the program window

install app button in main program window

3. Browse to the location where you saved GTA and its scores from your previous iPhone, click on the IPA file and click “Open”

open gta game and import to other iphone

4. Hang on until the game and the game data is loaded on the iPhone

ios game installation in progress

5. This is how to transfer Grand Theft Auto along with game progress from one iPhone to another iOS device.

gta icon on iphone home screen


How to read Kindle books on iPad

Amazon Kindle books can easily be purchased and read on the iPad. It is not necessary that you have a Kindle reader in order to access such books.

This quick guide shows how to access Kindle books on iOS devices.

1. Get the Kinde iOS app on your iPad. Access the App Store and look for Kinde. Next, install the free Kindle iOS app kindle ios in app store

2. Open the Kindle app kindle app on ipad home screen

3. Sign in to your Kindle account. If you don’t already have a Kindle account, be sure to create one by going to on you web-browser app or from your computer login to kindle with amazon account

4. Search, add/purchase books to your library. You can now look for and add/purchase books to your Kindle library. Books you have already purchased also appear in your library and are ready to be accessed download kindle books on ipad

5. All set! kindle library on ipad

Reading Kindle books on iPad and other iOS devices is easy and straightforward via using the native Kinde iOS app.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

WhatsApp is in par with Skype when it comes to popularity and is incredibly useful for sending out messages to your friends over Wi-Fi or data connection for free (depending on your data-connection plan). Despite its popularity, WhatsApp is still only available for the iPhone.

Well not anymore! Check out the below guide to learn how to quickly install WhatsApp on iPad.

Transfer WhatsApp to iPad

For the purpose, you must have, at least temporarily, and iPhone with WhatsApp installed and a PC.

1. First, on an iPhone (could be somebody else’s), download a fresh copy of WhatsApp from the App Store. Then add your mobile phone number and verify it.

verify phone number with whatsapp

2. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to transfer the verified (activated with your phone number) WhatsApp to your computer. To do so, you’d need a free Beta program called CopyTrans Apps. Download it from here:

3. Run the program on your PC and connect the iPhone. Once the program identifies the iPhone and lists its apps, scroll down until you see the WhatsApp icon and select it. Click “Backup App”


4. Select the PC location where to back up WhatsApp and its data

browse for pc location to backup whatsapp

5. This saves WhatsApp including all its app data, documents and settings from the iPhone to your PC

whatsapp complete backup along with chats and messages to computer

6. Now disconnect the iPhone and connect the iPad to your computer. Once the iPad appears in the CopyTrans Apps window, drag and drop the WhatsApp file from your PC to the main program window

transfer whatsapp from pc desktop to ipad

7. Stand by until WhatsApp is being installed on your iPad

whatsapp installation progress on ipad

8. That’s it WhatsApp is completely installed on the iPad exactly as you left it on your iPhone – complete with the chat history, messages, etc. You can start using WhatsApp on the iPad by tapping on its icon on the Home Screen

whatsapp icon from ipad home screen

NOTE: Do not use WhatsApp simultaneously on both the iPad and the iPhone, make sure to end the WhatsApp process on the iPhone before using it on the iPad. WhatsApp is not designed to be used on more than one device at a time. Using the app simultaneously on the iPad and iPhone will result in WhatsApp on one of your iDevices being de-registered. You would then need to re-verify the phone number. Avoid this by simply ending the WhatsApp process on the device where you are not planning on using the app for the time being

end whatsapp process on iphone

Thats’ it! You can now use WhatsApp on the iPad!

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPad YouTube tutorial

How to install apps on iPhone without iTunes

The importance of iTunes as an iPhone management tool has somewhat diminished with the advent of iCloud. However, the PC remains a territory strictly reserved for iTunes when it comes to iPhone. What if you are not the iCloud-trusting type and you keep your iPhone data securely backed up offline to your computer away from prying eyes?

Not everyone needs all their apps installed on iPhone, especially if you are out of space. Here’s a method to keep your app files backed up to your computer and still be able to transfer them to iPhone at any time without the need for iTunes.

Transfer and install apps to iPhone and iPad without iTunes

CopyTrans Manager falls into the lightweight-freeware software category while serving as an acceptable iTunes alternative. Here’s how I use it to transfer my backed-up IPA app files from my PC to my iPhone:

1. Locate the backed-up IPA app files on your PC. If you previously used the “Transfer purchases” feature in iTunes, you should find your IPA app files under this folder:

C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\
itunes mobile applications folder with ipa files listed

  • Download CopyTrans Manager from the link below:

  • Start the program by selecting “CopyTrans Manager (Free)” From the list copytrans control center with copytrans manager selected

  • 2. Connect the iPhone to your PC copytrans manager main window with iphone connected

    3. Now select the Apps in the “Mobile Applications” folder that you wish to transfer to the iPhone and drag-drop the selection to the open program window drag-drop applications from pc to iphone

    4. The apps are added to the list of already-existing apps on the iPhone. You can see the list of installed apps by clicking on “Applications” under “Playlists”

    This is how to transfer apps from PC and install them on iPhone without the need for iTunes.

    Microsoft Office for iPad: Add and edit Word documents

    On March 27th, Microsoft announced the arrival of the official Office apps for iPad. Three apps are available for download from the App Store for iOS 7 iPad devices: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. OneNote has been available for the iPad since back in 2011.

    Transfer Office documents from PC to iPad

    The simplest way to add Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from PC to iPad is via using a dedicated iOS application like Documents 5 (free) or GoodReader ($7) and a PC program like the free CopyTrans Apps Beta. The process is as simple as dragging and dropping your Office documents from the computer to the iPad. transfer microsoft word documents to ipad

    The documents are then directly visible from the iPad (or iPhone). word, excel and powerpoint files on ipad

    Here’s a complete tutorial on how to add Office documents to iPad:

    Using Office for iPad

    For documents which were already synced to the Microsoft SkyDrive, use the Office apps for iPad. Here’s how to add Word documents via using Microsoft’s latest Office apps for iPad.

    • Get yourself the new set of Office apps for iPad

      NOTE: you need to have iOS 7 in order to install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote on your iPad. app store showing word excel powerpoint and onenote for ipad

    • Once you open Microsoft Word for iPad, you instantly realize that the app is specifically customized for use on the iPad. The app is neither a stripped-down version of Office for Windows, nor an expanded edition of Office Mobile (which is the free Office app only available for iPhone). word document open for editing on ipad

      Creating and editing Word documents on the iPad is now as easy and as sophisticated as on any PC or Mac computer. You will see that all the existing tabs available for the computer-based version are already available for use on the iPad too. However, there are features designed to answer to the iPad user.

    • Touchscreen techniques for selecting and editing text are a natural part of Office for iPad. word for ipad ios selection technique in action In-document image re-sizing or table inserting are too a screen-tap away.

    • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad can be downloaded for free. You can use them free of charge for viewing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. However, if you’d like to access advanced editing and the ability to create documents on the iPad, you’d need to have a an Office 365 subscription.

    The real Microsoft Office apps for iPad are here

    Learn more about Microsoft’s Office for iPad by navigating to the official Office blog post below:

    Microsoft Office for the iPhone

    At this time, you can use the free Office Mobile iOS app which allows you to view and apply basic edits to Word documents on iPhone and iPod Touch. office mobile app for iphone free

    To use Office Mobile, you need to have a Microsoft account (i.e. or since the documents are retrieved and stored on your personal OneDrive location. onedrive location for storing word documents for iphone mobile app