How to read Kindle books on iPad

Amazon Kindle books can easily be purchased and read on the iPad. It is not necessary that you have a Kindle reader in order to access such books.

This quick guide shows how to access Kindle books on iOS devices.

1. Get the Kinde iOS app on your iPad. Access the App Store and look for Kinde. Next, install the free Kindle iOS app kindle ios in app store

2. Open the Kindle app kindle app on ipad home screen

3. Sign in to your Kindle account. If you don’t already have a Kindle account, be sure to create one by going to on you web-browser app or from your computer login to kindle with amazon account

4. Search, add/purchase books to your library. You can now look for and add/purchase books to your Kindle library. Books you have already purchased also appear in your library and are ready to be accessed download kindle books on ipad

5. All set! kindle library on ipad

Reading Kindle books on iPad and other iOS devices is easy and straightforward via using the native Kinde iOS app.


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