How to install WhatsApp on iPad

WhatsApp is in par with Skype when it comes to popularity and is incredibly useful for sending out messages to your friends over Wi-Fi or data connection for free (depending on your data-connection plan). Despite its popularity, WhatsApp is still only available for the iPhone.

Well not anymore! Check out the below guide to learn how to quickly install WhatsApp on iPad.

Transfer WhatsApp to iPad

For the purpose, you must have, at least temporarily, and iPhone with WhatsApp installed and a PC.

1. First, on an iPhone (could be somebody else’s), download a fresh copy of WhatsApp from the App Store. Then add your mobile phone number and verify it.

verify phone number with whatsapp

2. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to transfer the verified (activated with your phone number) WhatsApp to your computer. To do so, you’d need a free Beta program called CopyTrans Apps. Download it from here:

3. Run the program on your PC and connect the iPhone. Once the program identifies the iPhone and lists its apps, scroll down until you see the WhatsApp icon and select it. Click “Backup App”


4. Select the PC location where to back up WhatsApp and its data

browse for pc location to backup whatsapp

5. This saves WhatsApp including all its app data, documents and settings from the iPhone to your PC

whatsapp complete backup along with chats and messages to computer

6. Now disconnect the iPhone and connect the iPad to your computer. Once the iPad appears in the CopyTrans Apps window, drag and drop the WhatsApp file from your PC to the main program window

transfer whatsapp from pc desktop to ipad

7. Stand by until WhatsApp is being installed on your iPad

whatsapp installation progress on ipad

8. That’s it WhatsApp is completely installed on the iPad exactly as you left it on your iPhone – complete with the chat history, messages, etc. You can start using WhatsApp on the iPad by tapping on its icon on the Home Screen

whatsapp icon from ipad home screen

NOTE: Do not use WhatsApp simultaneously on both the iPad and the iPhone, make sure to end the WhatsApp process on the iPhone before using it on the iPad. WhatsApp is not designed to be used on more than one device at a time. Using the app simultaneously on the iPad and iPhone will result in WhatsApp on one of your iDevices being de-registered. You would then need to re-verify the phone number. Avoid this by simply ending the WhatsApp process on the device where you are not planning on using the app for the time being

end whatsapp process on iphone

Thats’ it! You can now use WhatsApp on the iPad!

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPad YouTube tutorial


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