How to install apps on iPhone without iTunes

The importance of iTunes as an iPhone management tool has somewhat diminished with the advent of iCloud. However, the PC remains a territory strictly reserved for iTunes when it comes to iPhone. What if you are not the iCloud-trusting type and you keep your iPhone data securely backed up offline to your computer away from prying eyes?

Not everyone needs all their apps installed on iPhone, especially if you are out of space. Here’s a method to keep your app files backed up to your computer and still be able to transfer them to iPhone at any time without the need for iTunes.

Transfer and install apps to iPhone and iPad without iTunes

CopyTrans Manager falls into the lightweight-freeware software category while serving as an acceptable iTunes alternative. Here’s how I use it to transfer my backed-up IPA app files from my PC to my iPhone:

1. Locate the backed-up IPA app files on your PC. If you previously used the “Transfer purchases” feature in iTunes, you should find your IPA app files under this folder:

C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\
itunes mobile applications folder with ipa files listed

  • Download CopyTrans Manager from the link below:

  • Start the program by selecting “CopyTrans Manager (Free)” From the list copytrans control center with copytrans manager selected

  • 2. Connect the iPhone to your PC copytrans manager main window with iphone connected

    3. Now select the Apps in the “Mobile Applications” folder that you wish to transfer to the iPhone and drag-drop the selection to the open program window drag-drop applications from pc to iphone

    4. The apps are added to the list of already-existing apps on the iPhone. You can see the list of installed apps by clicking on “Applications” under “Playlists”

    This is how to transfer apps from PC and install them on iPhone without the need for iTunes.


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