How to transfer iPhone apps, app data and game progress to new iPhone

This article will show you how to easily transfer the iOS apps, app data, games and game saves from your old iPhone to a new iPhone.

There are at least two methods to transfer apps and games complete with documents, app data and game progress: via iTunes and via iCloud. I prefer the iCloud method as it offers an automated ‘computer’-less backup of the old device and a complete restore to the new iPhone or iPad. But if you are up to backing up and restoring only specific apps, you are better off with a third-party backup solution.

First, back up your old iPhone app data and game saves

CopyTrans Apps is a free Beta program which works on Windows PCs and allows you to transfer iOS apps complete with app preferences and documents between iPhones. Download CopyTrans Apps from here:

  1. Once you run the program on your computer, connect the iPhone whose apps you wish to save. You will see the iPhone apps get listed on your PC screen iphone app list on windows pc

  2. Choose the apps to backup and click on Backup App backup selected iphone apps button

  3. You will now be allowed to browse to the PC location where to save your iPhone apps

  4. Accept the following prompt by clicking on Ok popup to accept backup of 4 apps

  5. The apps are saved into individual IPA files on your PC. These files contain the apps themselves along with app documents and settings IPA files on windows computer

Now restore the apps to the new iPhone

  1. Connect your new iPhone to the PC. It’s apps appear in the program window new-iphone-connected

  2. Drag and drop the IPA app files from the location on your computer to the main CopyTrans Apps window drag ipa app files from desktop to main program window

  3. Accept the prompt to install the app by clicking Ok install apps prompt in copytrans

  4. The apps and app documents are on your new iDevice

Backup and restore apps with iCloud

iCloud provides a convenient way to backup and restore your iPhone apps. iCloud’s limitation, however, is that you cannot choose what apps and app documents to restore to the new iPhone. The restore is holistic and re-instates the iPhone completely, replacing any previous information you did not back up.

The first step is to create a full backup of your old iPhone via iCloud. iphone games folder on home screen

To do so:

  1. On the old iPhone or iPad, navigate to ‘Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Back Up Now’

  2. Once the backup completes, go to the new iPhone and and follow through the ‘Set Up iPhone’ wizard. Tap “Restore from iCloud Backup. Then enter your iCloud account credentials and tap “Next” to continue set up iphone wizard restore from icloud backup

  3. Agree to the general terms of usage and select the iCloud backup from which to restore. select icloud backup to restore new iphone

    NOTE: be careful to use the same iOS version on your old iPhone at the time of backup as on your new iPhone. I have both devices running iOS 7.1

  4. Once the backup of your old iPhone is restored to the new device, let all of your apps download. All your iPhone settings, apps, app data and games have been restored to the new iPhone.

    iphone games folder on home screen


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